Handmade shoes in Spain

Not everything is built from good intentions...and that is why we have dedicated a great effort to find the best suppliers and craftsmen so that each shoe is not only unique but also of the highest quality and has the best finish. 

At Just-Ene each design is made one by one and with the best ingredients: with the utmost love and care from each of the extraordinary experts involved in the process.

The production is carried out entirely in Elda (Spain), with the printed brand "made in Spain". Elda specializes in high-end women's footwear. Therefore, Elda and footwear are two words that have always been together. Elda's product has the tradition of being a high quality product, made by experts and craftsmen who carry the know-how of the footwear impregnated in them.

Once your Just-ENE is produced, each pair is carefully examined by the Quality Control Team, to ensure that your shoes meet the highest standards.

Since it is a handcrafted production process and care is taken to the maximum detail, this process takes between 4 and 6 weeks.