Founder of Just-ENE


Obviously, the story of Just-Ene does not go back years, at least not as Just-Ene.....Just-Ene is more than an illusion, it is the materialization of a dream.

Whenever someone has asked me what you would do if you won the lottery I have answered again and again: "create companies without fear of going bankrupt". And of course, after December 22nd, I can now say that officially the lottery as we know it has not arrived.

After trying to "start" without success entrepreneurial adventures such as making newspapers to sell them for 25 pesetas to acquaintances (what would have become of the business without mom and dad?), collecting pine nuts thinking they could be sold, or putting a sign on the door of the house offering menus to the neighbors in which I always highlighted the "today we have tortilla" (my star dish, or at least the only one that an 11 year old girl was capable of cooking), finally at the age of 29 I found that project that I was excited about, excited about and for which I was capable of giving up everything.

And so I did, after several years of training and working in the financial sector, which at some point (and once again mistakenly) I thought would be my "life's work", I began to think about the idea of Just-Ene

Just-Ene tries to be the answer to that problem that many women encounter. Who hasn't bought a little outfit to go to a wedding or an event and gone crazy looking for the perfect shoes for that dress, in my case (and even at the risk of sounding like a movie) I spent weeks and weeks looking for golden sandals to go to my best friend's wedding. I don't have any siblings, and she's been my life partner since kindergarten, so you can imagine the importance of such an event. My misfortune was, that for some strange reason, it seems that gold was not the star color of the season at all, or at least not for the more affordable brands. By "luck", after weeks of walking around, I managed to find some shoes close to 400 Euros (really this was a big effort for my economy) that medium fit my style, and of course, they were golden. Those shoes will of course remain in my memory for many factors, including: i) the entrapment of my big toe which had been asleep for two weeks (what a relief when I was told that that didn't mean it was necessary to amputate); ii) the pain in my tailbone for another three weeks after falling down the stairs of the wedding bus; iii) and of course, and most importantly, for being the beginning of Just-Ene. These weeks of pain have been well worth it.

The reality is that I didn't understand why you couldn't make the shoes the way you wanted.... If we add to that my desire to "do it yourself", I thought: why isn't there anyone who can put studs on your shoes without fear of ruining your 90 euro investment in the shoe you bought?... And this is just the origin of Just-Ene.

After months of talking to people to whom I will be eternally grateful for their support, drive, confidence, desire, knowledge, opinion, slamming doors (why not acknowledge them?) and a host of other things, I was able to make probably one of the most important decisions of my life today. One day, I got out of bed sad, there was something that really excited me, that demanded more of me, and for which I didn't have enough time. At that moment I saw it clearly, my first call was to say "mom, I'm quitting work", after the obvious initial reaction of "you're crazy", "think about it coldly", she understood that it was really what I had to do. And so I did. After 8 years working in the financial sector, I took my innumerable things (I never saw my table so clear as when I left), I said goodbye with a lot of sorrow to my incredible colleagues and with a few tears I said goodbye to the comfort zone to make a dream come true. And still, to this day, the day has not come when I have regretted it.

Some years have passed since then and, little by little, the dream seems more and more like a reality. Today, and not without time, dedication and effort, I have managed to surround myself with exceptional people to whom I will be eternally grateful and in whom I trust blindly to carry out the project, from the design, through the manufacture or the technological development.

Likewise, finally wearing a Just-Ene and having strangers ask about my shoe made me feel as if, for the first time in my life, Santa Claus and the Kings had agreed to bring me all the gifts on my endless list.

And this is what Just-Ene is today, an experience, an illusion, a dream.

And why Just-ENE, simply, because as can probably be extracted from my words....this project is a big part of me, and therefore a part of my name.

And if you have come this far, and want to contact me for help, send me your comments or any other question, do not hesitate to write to me at irenegil@just-ene.com. 


A big hug,


Irene Gil

Founder of Just-ENE